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We organize international projects, courses, and exchanges, and we help schools to become more international. We explore these activities on behalf of Cedin Interprimair. Because of our extended network we can easily connect teachers and schools in Europe and provide customized professionalization. All our international activities are intertwined with education and have a strong connection with multilingualism, Frisian and other minority languages.

Learn from eachother

Cedin Interprimair wants to bring teachers together in a powerful setting to learn from one another as much as possible. Also, we think that it is of unspeakable importance that our students can develop as world citizens in a time of globalization and cultural diversity. For both educational professionals and students we can create a fitting offer.

Job shadowing

No experience is as refreshing as looking in each other’s kitchen. Taking a few steps out of your comfort zone to experience how colleagues from all over the world deal with the same problems you run into daily, or simply to learn from a master in the trade. The countless lessons you will learn during a Job Shadowing are pure gold and can be used to strengthen yourself and your organization. Cedin Interprimair will gladly help you out!


You want to get the best out of your education and give yourself and your school international allure? We can help you make almost everything possible! Contact our educational advisor Aant Jelle Soepboer for free and without further obligations and experience the wide possibilities.

  • How do I organize an international program in my school?
  • How can I train my team of teachers?
  • How can I get my teachers in contact with colleagues from all over the world?
  • What can we learn from (international) cooperation and exchange?
  • I need help with my international subsidies and funding.

At this very moment Cedin Interprimair is engaged in the Erasmus DICO+ project in which we connect schools from all over Europe to learn and create in the field of cooperative learning. From Fryslân primary school ‘De Wrâldpoarte’ from Garijp takes part. Cedin Interprimair also is co-organizer of the international seminar that is to take place in Romania as soon as the situation becomes favorable.

Cedin Interprimair is an associate in the ECCA-project that has as a goal to implement the ‘European Charter for regional and minority languages’ in the class. The ECCA-project focusses mainly on secondary education and brings together teachers and students from the participating schools from different minority language areas throughout Europe. Participating schools from Fryslân are: c.s.g. Liudger Burgum, Drachtster Lyceum en c.s.g. Bogerman Balk.

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